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Binky The Angle Orb And The Morg Jhaicee Love

Binky The Angle Orb And The Morg Jhaicee Love




Binky The Angle Orb and The Morg

by Jhaicee Love

rating: ( reviews)

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On her twelfth birthday Binky is presented with a pile of ancient texts by the elders in her community. As part of the coming of age expectations, she must study them to find out more about herself and her bloodline. In beginning to learn the wisdom of her elders, Binky and her best friend Gabe accidentally bring her stuffed toy camel, her satchel and a shoe to life- although no-one else has been able to awaken items for many years.

Then when a little bird keels over dead on Binky's window sill, a cryptic message reveals an urgent cry for help. With her friend in trouble, the novice sleuth and her friends Gabe, Camelita, Satch and Flip must battle their fears to find and restore ancient keys to the Angel Orb in the hope that it will take pity on them and save the land from impending doom. But will Binky learn more about who she really is in the process?

Binky The Angel Orb and The Morg is the first book in the series.


This book is exciting, unpredictable and a page-turner. I love Binky's risk-taking- she has an adventurous character. I would definitely recommend this book. Five thousand stars!" Lomi Love age 10, UK

"Binky -the angel orb and the morg has an amazing story. It is very descriptive and humorous at times. My favourite part is when Binky and Quayo are the only children at a wedding where they play games together and do tricks. You can picture the scene in your imagination." Cayla Wynter age 11, UK

"Very good book. reminds me of action fantasy like percy jackson and the chronicles of's quite fast paced and funny in parts. the next one sounds like it will be great too... " Matthew, age 14, San Francisco

 "A must read book, much loved by adults and children alike. It's the first book I've read by Jhaicee Love but I'm hooked. Will look out for the movie." Tom P, age 'Young at heart', USA


Coming of age, bravery/heroism, lineage/race/character,  wisdom, the natural world, Christian references, mystery/magic, good and evil.



price: $8.98
bound: 192 pages
publisher: Giddymoose Ltd (April 30, 2017)
lang: English
isbn: 1909944971, 978-1909944978,
weight: 6.9 ounces (


















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